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About me


My name is Robbe Dockx and I'm a versatile designer.
Throughout my educational years I've managed to amass a wide range of creative skills and knowledge concerning the audio/visual, design & content creation industry.

Next to written storytelling, I'm proficient at photography, photo/ video editing, Blender & mostly:

graphic, motion -& product/prop design.


I started working independently in Antwerp since 2017 & completed a year-course of Concept Art from '20 to '21.

You can check my prices here
 or download my CV's on the bottom of this page.

I'm currently planning to:

  1. Develop my musical side by slowly mastering instruments and combining it with self-written song lyrics.

  2. Invest in 3D-printing/ CNC capabilities.

  3. Assemble mobile 1-person video creation set-up.

Any questions?
Don't be shy & ...


Written and Visual Storytelling.
Research | Screenwriting | Graphic Design | Photography | VFX 

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Robbe Dockx

"Art & Media shouldn't trick you into believing you've just seen the stars;
it should inspire you to go out and admire them for yourself"

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Graphic Design

This gallery contains logo's I've made throughout the years,
beginning with my own. Some are for friends and others are paid work for existing brands.


I strive for unique and intricate results for each logo.
Every one contains a certain combination of the following styles: 
abstract/ optical illusion, futuristic, m
inimalist, pattern, urban.

RD is my first, serious logo.

When I'm free to do what I want,
I like to mix the animals and a sense of motion with typography as with:
RaveX, Dass and YdZ.

In assignment/ respecting the wishes of a client,
I tend to come up with varying concepts really quick,
as you can see with: 
RD, A Future Force and IvenI



July, 2019

Rap Crew - 4 days work

This one was really fun to make!


Combining a raccoon with the brand name in cyberpunk styling detailed with signs of motion for a personal rap crew of friends with a name originating from a playful memory, fittingly based on wordplay.

Click here for more info and the full backstory!


March, 2019

Talent Agency - 7 days work

The elusive symbol was first created by my best friend with the AFF abbreviation in mind.
He provided us with a very strong structure.

We both chose the futuristic, complimentary colours.

I added the font, the lightbeam & animation.

It's currently in use as logo for a lovely, young discord community & up and coming talent agency.

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Below you will find a collection of the projects that make up my (academic) career. My earlier work focuses mostly on dramatic imagery and story,  but if you observe my work in chronological order, you will find that it matures with age, knowledge and more importantly: teamwork. Because film takes a crew!

I also like to make stop motion -and typographic animations.

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Thank you for your interest. For any inquiries, commission requests or studio visits, please contact me here.

+32 496 38 51 03

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