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June, 2017

In English: Purgatory

"An ink black, psychological thriller about murder, betrayal, and friendship." 

Three stalwart friends: Roel, Daan and Stef celebrate Roel's early release from prison.

Booze, drugs,... getting rid a dead hooker.

pretty normal party, right?

But then... suddenly time is as much of the essence as our three friends keeping their heads cool. 

Until something happens none of them could have accounted for... 

I've written the screenplay, animated the title sequence and was the floor manager of this student short film, but without the fantastic cast & crew, it would've never turned out this great!

To view the short film, please contact me.

Cast: Bart Hollanders, Gert Winckelmans, Joé Agemans, Kelly De Mol


March, 2017

"The Prehistoric" has always been a big interest of mine. In this short, poetic portret we follow a caveman that gets startled by a giant metallic bird making stripes in the sky.

Feeling that his territory might be in danger, he sets out to hunt the creature.

But what he soon discovers, exceeds his primal imagination even further.

The screenplay, casting and camerawork were done by me whilst professional photographer Selma Gurbuz assisted me with her knowledge and skill concerning light and angles.

Cast: Christian Casseyas

The Etcher

September, 2016

This is another poetic portrait of a man who has seen, captured and experienced the whole of Asia in his early 20's. Now, 25 years later, he expresses those memories by etching in copper and artisanally pressing it on sheets of paper. Thereby he creates art from memory and thus memory from art.

Here I took it upon myself (as a challenge) to do everything myself (script, lights, camera, grip, directing, etc.) on a shoestring budget without the help of a single crewmember.

Of course I have to thank the LUCA school of arts for supplying me with the materials needed to realize this project.

Cast: Benny Blyweerdt


March, 2015

A little assignment Jeff Theys and I've blown way out of proportion. Instead of working with little paper characters and a top-down perspective, we decided to slave away until dark every day of the week. All this to make something original: The story of a bullied boy told by his fictional army, defending him against the troops firing curse words.

(Fun fact: the muzzle flares were all cut out by hand and traced with a lighter for the sake of "realism". Count them if you can!)

The symbolic undertones of the story are, on the other hand, not so fun... See for yourself.

The initial idea was mine, but the writing, camera, lighting, painful propmaking and hours NOT wasted were a joint effort between Jeff Theys and myself. It was was here we learned (a little too late) how to asses the amount of work something would take.

But the end result is something to be really proud of. Especially given that it was our first year at LUCA.

Cast: Gaël Guillaume, Kent Briers, Robbe Dockx


February, 2014

​This typographic animation was one of my first creations using Adobe After Effects
on the track Josephine from Parov Stelar ft. Anduze. 

It was part of a thesis in my last highschool year of Multimedia in TSM Mechelen.

The line art was made using Adobe Illustrator.

This was also a solo project, but it was where I found my knack for (typographic) animation and interest in rythm/ music.

Even more? Click the button to go to my youtube channel.

Or you can contact me at the bottom of the page.

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Thank you for your interest. For any inquiries, commission requests or studio visits, please contact me here.

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