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3D Model_Pochi.png
3D Model_Pochi.png

Project Pōchi 

Personalized Origami Pen -& Pillbox

Pōchi's minimal, yet customizable design offers modular and/or expandable, origami-based & eco-friendly storage solution with of the material (Tyvek 1082D)
and the durability upsides it puts forward.

- Foldable (or it wouldn't qúite be origami.)

     It makes for no hard edges in your pocket & some leniency in your bag.
- Indestructible
     It's water resistant, tear-proof  & flame retardant.
- Wastelessly recyclable (if for some reason you want to get rid of it)

- Printable your design here ]

Image by NordWood Themes


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